Faculty in this research area study the biochemical processes that occur within a cell or organism and how these contribute to the normal function of cells, tissues and organs.


Greg Amberg HeadshotGreg Amberg 
Associate Professor (Biomedical Sciences)
ion channels in arterial smooth muscle and their impact on arterial function. Changes in ion channel behavior during pathophysiological conditions such as hypertension

John Belisle HeadshotJohn Belisle
Professor (Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology).
Mycobacterial physiology and genetics.  Host metabolic signatures for diagnosis of Lyme disease.

Addam Chicco HeadshotAdam Chicco
Associate Professor (Biomedical Sciences)
Fatty acid metabolism and mitochondrial dysfunction in heart disease.

Dean CrickDean Crick in the lab
Professor (Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology)
Biochemistry and biogenesis of the cell wall and lipids of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Metabolomic studies of infected animals and bacilli.

Debbie Crans HeadshotDebbie C. Crans
Professor (Chemistry)
Biological chemistry; vanadium and transition metal chemistry relating to insulin mimetic effects; vanadium compounds with bone stimulating activities; enzyme mechanisms; phosphorus metabolism.

Franck Dayan
Professor (Agricultural Biology)
The traits imparting weediness (competition, cold and heat stress tolerance etc…) to plants, and how these amazing organisms evolve resistance to herbicides.

Santiago DiPietro HeadshotSantiago Di Pietro
Associate Professor (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)
Fundamental aspects of membrane protein transport.

Christopher Gentile HeadshotChris Gentile
Associate Professor (Food Science & Human Nutrition)
The role of ER stress in obesity – related endothelial dysfunction

Chuck HenryCharles S. Henry
Professor (Chemistry)
Bioanalytical chemistry; chemical separations and chemical nature of disease.

Tom LaRocca

Tom LaRocca
Assistant Professor (Heath & Exercise Science)
Biological mechanisms of healthspan, including proteome, genome and RNA homeostasis, and their effects on organismal function and brain health.

Don MyklesDonald L. Mykles
Professor (Biology);
Regulation of protein turnover; calcium – dependent and ATP / ubiquitin – dependent proteinases; myofibrillar proteins.

Christy PeeblesChristie Peebles
Associate Professor (Chemical and Biological Engineering)
Plant metabolic engineering to produce important pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.  Photoautotrophs for the production of bio-based chemicals and fuels.

Graham PeersGraham Peers
Associate Professor (Biology)
Photosynthetic Efficiency and Algal Ecophysiology

Rushika PereraRushika Perera
Associate Professor (Microbiology, Immunology & Pathology)
Viral Pathogenesis and Cellular Metabolism

Jessica PrenniJessica Prenni
Associate Professor (Horticulture & Landscape Architecture)
Mass Spectrometry Based Proteomics and Metabolomics

Ken ReardonKenneth Reardon
Professor  (Chemical & Biological Engineering)
Proteomics, systems biology, metabolic engineering, and enzyme – based biosensors.

Elizabeth RyanElizabeth Ryan
Associate Professor (Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences)
Interactions between diet and cancer. Toxicology, immunology, oncology and nutrition.

Henry Thompson HeadshotHenry J. Thompson
Professor (Horticulture & Landscape Architecture, Head of the Cancer Prevention Laboratory)
Biochemical and molecular approaches to cancer prevention; preclinical models and clinical investigations.

Charlene Van Buiten
Assistant Professor (Food Science & Human Nutrition)
Development of nutraceutical approaches for treating chronic inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract; processing plant-based foods for optimization of bioactive profiles.

Tiffany WeirTiffany Weir
Associate Professor (Food Science & Human Nutrition)
The role of microbes in ecosystem functioning, with ecosystems ranging from soils to processed food products to the human gut.

Affiliate Faculty

George Barisas
Professor Emeritus (Chemistry)
Optical analytical techniques to study motions and distributions of molecules on living cell surfaces

Gerrit Bouma
Associate Professor (Biomedical Sciences)
Placental and ovarian development, ovarian cancer, ovarian follicle maturation.

Michelle Foster
Associate Professor (Food Science and Human Nutrition)
Obesity – induced metabolic disorders.

Gregory Florant
Professor (Biology)
Mammalian physiology; lipid metabolism and energetics.

Karyn Hamilton
Associate Professor (Health & Exercise Science)
Mechanism(s) of exercise – and estrogen – induced protection of the heart and vascular endothelium against hypoxia – reoxygenation injury.

Matthew Hickey
Professor (Health & Exercise Science)
Insulin sensitivity and markers of both subclinical inflammation and endothelial dysfunction. Post – receptor signaling events in human skeletal muscle (i.e., insulin signaling, translation initiation) in response to changes in diet and physical activity. Ethnic differences in risk for the metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Diet, exercise, and nutrient partitioning.

Shane Kanatous
Associate Professor (Biology)
Molecular changes associated with hypoxia and therapeutic applications in the treatment of myopathies.

Ashok Prasad
Associate Professor (Chemical & Biological Engineering)
Genome – scale metabolic modeling of E. coli, cyanobacteria and algae.

Deb Roess
Professor Emerita (Biomedical Sciences)
Hormone receptors and reproductive function


BMS 500 Mammalian Physiology I
BMS 501 Mammalian Physiology II
BMS 631 Mechanisms of Hormone Action
BMS 632 Metabolic Endocrinology
BMS 640 Reproductive Physiology and Endocrinology
ANEQ 522  Animal Metabolism
BC 517  Metabolism
BZ 642  Plant Metabolism
FSHN 530  Principles of Nutrition Science & Metabolism
FSHN 540  Nutrigenomics and Advanced Lipid Metabolism
FSHN 650C  Recent Developments in Human Nutrition: Genomic, Proteomics, and Metabolomics
HORT 579  Mass Spectrometry Omics-Methods and Analysis
BIOM 576  Quantitative Systems Physiology
MIP 630  Advances in Microbial Physiology
NB 750  Physiology of Ion Channels

Facilities & Resources

CMB Students

Zeyad Arhouma HeadshotZeyad Arhouma (Crans Lab)

Valerie Lindstrom (Prenni Lab)


Kaitlin Doucette HeadshotKaitlin Doucette (Crans Lab)
GAANN Teaching Fellow 2016 – 19

Kelly Hassell HeadshotKelly Hassell (Crans Lab)
GAANN Teaching Fellow 2016 – 18

Nora Jean Nealon (PhD 2019 Ryan Lab) – DVM student at Colorado State University

Stephanie Morphet (PhD 2018 Belisle Lab) – Post – doctoral Researcher SiVEC Laboratories

Tymofiy Lutsiv (MS 2018, Thompson Lab) – PhD student Loyola University

Shea Moore-Farrell (MS 2018, Peebles Lab) – Data Configuration Specialist at Pure Market

Allison Werner (PhD 2018, Peebles Lab) – Post – doctoral researcher at NREL

Mike Caballero (PhD 2017, Peers Lab) – Data Scientist Hackensack Meridian Health