CMB Student Seminar is held weekly during the Fall and Spring Semesters.  First year students present for 10 minutes, second year students give a 20 minute presentation, while more advanced students will present for 40 minutes. All are welcome to attend!

Spring 2020 – Seminar is in A / Z E 112 on Thursdays at 2pm

CM 793 Seminar Spring 2020

SP 2020
Jan 23James Curlin
Ramesh AkkinaIn vivo adaptation of SIVsm using humanized mice as a model for the evolution of HIV-2
Jan 30Hannah Berry
Cris ArguesoWhen Development Meets Stress: Hormonal Regulation of Plant Development during Immunity Activation
Feb 6Kailee ReedTai MontgomeryWidespread roles for piRNAs and WAGO-class siRNAs in shaping the germline transcriptome of Caenorhabditis elegans
Feb 6Alissa MathiasDaniel Regan Exosomes from Osteosarcoma Cells
Feb 13Paige OstwaldDeborah GarrityHeart Development: The Peanut Butter to Our Cardiac Jelly
Feb 20Dayton PierceFred HoerndliA Tale of Two Domains: PTP-3's Role in Memory
Feb 27Josh Svendsen
PhD Thesis Defense
Tai Montgomery, Biology Small RNA Methylation
in C. elegans
Mar 5Alissa WilliamsDan SloanExtreme Variation in Rates of Evolution in the Plastid Clp Complex Across Green Plants
Mar 12Kelly Hassell Mark Brown/Debbie Crans
Mar 26Sara Oehmke
MS Thesis Defense
June Medford, Biology Plant Synthetic Biology
Apr 2Zohaib AliMercedes Gonzalez-JuarrerroSpatial and phenotypic immune profiling of TB granuloma using multispectral microscopy
Apr 2Sam Ogden Marc NishimuraPrime Editing or Plant Innate Immunity
Apr 9Valerie LindstromJessica Prenni Investigating the relationship between cover crop genetic diversity and the functional potential of the soil microbiome.
Apr 9Kristin ScottTom SantangeloRNA modifications in Archaea
Apr 9Joey Stewart Dan ReganAnalysis of Long-Tract Gene Conversions in S. cerevisiae
Wed Apr 15 4pmNeha Ahuja Defense Debbie Garrity, Biology zebrafish hearts
Apr 16Ilham Alshiraihi
Mark BrownSMYD3 inhibitors and breast cancer
Apr 23Zeyad ArhoumaDebbie CransVanadium / Tuberculosis
Apr 23Ikaia LeleiwiKelly WrightonEcological Interactions Responsible for Lactobacillus Coexistence with Salmonella in an Inflamed Intestine
Apr 23Casey-Tyler BerezinElizabeth RyanGut microbiome metagenomics
Apr 30Platon SelemenakisClaudia WieseSynergism between RAD51AP1 and RAD54 during the synaptic stage of HR DNA repair
May 7Heather DeelJessica MetcalfMicrobial Clues in Decomposing Human Bones: A New Forensic Tool for Estimating the Postmortem Interval of Skeletal Remains