CMB Student Seminar is held weekly during the Fall and Spring Semesters.  First year students present for 10 minutes, second year students give a 20 minute presentation, while more advanced students will present for 40 minutes. All are welcome to attend!

Fall 2021 – Seminar is held in Pathology 103 on Thursdays at 2 PM.

CM 793: Fall 2021 Student Seminar

DatePresenter(s)AdvisorsTopic/ Title
September 9Sean MerrimanLucas Argueso Regionally-biased CNVs accompany large-scale chromosomal rearrangements in S. cerevisiae 
September 16Julie SunGlenn TellingAssessing new strains of chronic wasting disease from Scandinavia
September 23Sere WilliamsTom Santangelo The Transient Metabolic Protein Interactome of an Anaerobic Hyperthermophile
September 30Tymofiy Lutsiv Henry Thompson Compositional changes of the High-Fat Diet-induced Gut Microbiota upon consumption of Common Pulses
October 7Naly Torres Erin Nishimura Link between mRNA localization and protein translation at the cellular membrane.
October 14Noelia Altina Jeff WiluszSARS-CoV2 Viral RNA Biology and its Impact on the Infected Cell
October 21Heather DeelJessica MetcalfMicrobial succession in human rib skeletal remains and the bacterial diversity of blow fly organs and fly-human microbial transfer during decomposition
October 28Camron PearceMercedes
Looking at differences in the host transcriptome during pulmonary TB
November 4Reed Wodya Zaid Abdo Occurrence and persistence of food-borne pathogens in peanut hull-based litter under
November 111. Victoria Nieciecki

2. Tyler Todd
1. Jessica Metcalf

2. Marc Nishimura
1. Effects of decomposition on soil microbial community; also tumor microbiome

2. Identifying HopBA1 recognition requirements
November 18Ryan JeepChaoping ChenUnderstanding the Contribution of HIV Autoprocessing to PI Resistance
December 21 Daniel Kunk

2 Sam Brill
1. Vamsi Nalam

2. Doug Thamm
1. Aphid Diurnal Feeding

2. Canine Cellular Immunotherapy
December 91 Lexi Keene

2 Pablo Maldonado
1. Mark Stenglein

2. Marcela Henao-Tamayo
1. Paleo Virology: uncovering the stability of a double stranded RNA virus in Drosophila melanogaster

2. Macrophage differentiation in response to TB infection