CMB Student Seminar is held weekly during the Fall and Spring Semesters.  First year students present for 10 minutes, second year students give a 20 minute presentation, while more advanced students will present for 40 minutes. All are welcome to attend!

Spring 2021 – Seminar is Virtual via Zoom on Thursdays at Noon;

CM 793: Spring 2021 Student Seminar

DatePresenter(s)Topic/ Title
Jan 281 Dayton Pierce
2 Gaby Ramirez
The Dual Role of a Novel Phosphate in Learning and Memory
Anti-viral drug testing for SARS-CoV2: inhalants and disinfectants
Feb 41 Katy McIntyre
2 Kyle Pfeiffer
"Uncovering the Molecular Mechanism Behind Cytokinin-Induced Priming in Arabidopsis thaliana"
CRISPR/Cas9 as a novel viral defense to beet curly top virus
Feb 111 Hannah Berry
2 Pablo Maldonado
When Development Meets Stress: Hormonal Regulation of Plant Development during Immunity Activation
Alterations in Gut Microbiota of Patients with COVID-19 During Time of Hospitalization
Feb 181 Heather Deel
2 Angel McKay Whiteman
Microbial succession in human rib skeletal remains during terrestrial decomposition
Directed expression of R2R3 MYB transcription factors for characterization of suberin biosynthesis
Feb 251 Alissa Mathias
2 Daniel Kunk
Osteosarcoma and Exosomes
Molecular Basis of Plant Circadian Rhythms and their Role in Plant Defense
Mar 41 Ikaia Leleiwi
2 Kayl Ecton
Salmonella/ Lactobacillus interaction during infection
Microbiota disequilibrium and endothelial dysfunction
Mar 11Platon SelemenakisInactivation of both RAD51AP1 and RAD54 leads to synthetic lethal phenotype
Mar 181 Paige Ostwald
2 Kaz Knight
Heart Development: The Peanut Butter to our Cardiac Jelly
New mitochondrial diagnostic testing in fibroblasts
Mar 251 Sam Ogden
2 Valerie Lindstrom
Understanding how pathogen effectors activate the plant immune system
Investigating the Relationship Between Cover Crop Species Diversity, the Composition and Function of the Soil Microbiome, and Soil Health
Apr 11 Zohaib Ali
2 Victoria Nieciecki
Tuberculosis chemotherapy
Appendix tumor microbiome
Apr 81 Zeyad Arhouma
2 Naly Torres
Vanadium complexes inhibit the growth of Mycobacterium smegmatis
Apr 221 Kailee Reed
2 Lexi Keene
Identifying mechanisms for primary microRNA recognition and processing C.elegans
Lipidomic Analysis of Borrelia burgdoferi
Apr 291 Casey-Tyler Berezin
2 Joey Stewart
Endogenous opioids modulate circadian rhythms
Measuring systemic instability using LOH in yeast
May 61 Kristin Scott
2 Carlos Juarez
RNA modification in Archaea
Quantification of Hormone Crosstalk in Plants