CMB Student Seminar is held weekly during the Fall and Spring Semesters.  First year students present for 10 minutes, second year students give a 20 minute presentation, while more advanced students will present for 40 minutes. All are welcome to attend!

Fall 2020 – Seminar is Virtual via TEAMS on Thursdays at 2pm

Fall 2020 CM 793 Seminar

Aug 27
Sep 3
Sep 10 Sean Merriman
Sep 17Noelia Altina
Sep 24Luke Hampton
Oct 1Katie Cronise
Oct 8Reed Woyda
Oct 15Julie Sun
Oct 22Jared Luxton
Bailey Lab (ERHS)
CBZ-PhD Final Defense
Telomeres in Space and Pigs in Space?
Oct 29Alissa Williams Evolution of the plastid Clp protease
Nov 5Amy HodgesInvestigating the role of kinetochore dynein-dynactin in spindle assembly checkpoint function
Nov 5Camron PearceNanoparticle localization in the tuberculous granuloma
Nov 12Sere WilliamsMarkerless gene editing in a hyperthermophilic archaeon
Nov 19 Kaitlin DoucetteDetermination of physical properties of menaquinones through electrochemical and 1H NMR spectroscopic methods
Dec 3Nikki HuynhIdentifying putative targets of serine/arginine splicing factor by HyperTRIBE
Dec 10Lisa Schlein
Dec 17Ideally there will be no class this day!