CMB Student Seminar is held weekly during the Fall and Spring Semesters.  First year students present for 10 minutes, second year students give a 20 minute presentation, while more advanced students will present for 40 minutes. All are welcome to attend!

Spring 2022 – Seminar is held Thursdays at 11:00 AM in PATH 103

Instructor: | 970-491-4919| Rm B407 Microbiology

This course will adhere to the Academic Integrity Policy of the Colorado State University
General Catalog and the Student Conduct Code

February 3
Darcy Hunstiger   Advisor:  Christie Peebles     Title: Rethinking renewables: a slimy take on sustainability
Ikaia Leleiwi         Advisor: Kelly Wrighton        Title:  Healthy and Inflamed CBA/J Gut Microbiota Database

February 10
Carlos Juarez      Advisor:  Cris Argueso             Title:  Identification of Primary Transcription Targets in Plant Hormone Signaling Pathways
Gaby Ramirez     Advisor:  Rushika Perera         Title:  Exploiting metabolic biosignatures of flavivirus infection to identify host-targeted intervention strategies

February 17
Katy McIntyre    Advisor:  Cris Argueso             Title:  The Molecular Mechanism Behind Cytokinin-Induced Priming of Plant Defense

February 24
Paige Ostwald     Advisor: Deborah Garrity      Title: Heart Development: The Peanut Butter to Our Cardiac Jelly

March 3
Casey Tyler Berezin      Advisor: Jozsef Vigh       Title:  Endogenous opioid signaling in the retina modulates sleep/wake behavior
Rojina Shrestha            Advisor: Dr. Christopher Snow      Title: The effect of G-quadruplex-targeted small molecule compounds on c-MYC protein expression in Burkitt Lymphoma cell lines

March 10
Valerie Seitz       Advisor: Jessica Prenni            Title: Cover crops & the soil microbiome: how plants feed their friends

March 24
Zeyad Arhouma          Advisor: Debbie C Crans     Title: Exploring bacterial growth effects on Mycobacterium Smegmatis with the anti-carcinogenic vanadium-compounds
Shady Kuster             Advisor: Dan Sloan       Title: Determining the role of mitonuclear interactions in reproductive isolation and speciation

March 31
Zohaib Ali               Advisor: Mercedes Gonzalez-Juarrero     Title: Preclinical in vivo assessment of replacing linezolid for spectinamide-1599 in the Nix-TB regimen
Jessica Gabrysiak           First Year Rotating Student      Title: Identification of a novel gene fusion in canine transitional cell carcinoma

April 7
Hannah Berry        Advisor: Cris Argueso         Title: Disease caused by Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato DC3000 and constitutive activation of immunity changes plant developmental patterns in Arabidopsis thaliana
Thomas Lee            Advisor: Keara Boss            Title: Local immune response to radiation therapy and combined myeloid cell-targeted therapy in a dog model of sinonasal carcinoma

April 14
Joey Stewart           Advisor: Lucas Argueso      Title:  Red Colonies in the Rough: Mutation Bursts in Yeast
Rachel Brady          Advisor: Douglas Thamm   Title: Tumor-associated Macrophages as a Therapeutic Target

April 21
Kristin Scott            Advisor: Tom Santangelo         Title: RNA Modifications in Archaea
Khalid Al-Lakhen   Rotating Student               Title: Isolating oral bacterial species from a single donor through a
multi‐step detection method

April 28
Sam Ogden            Advisor: Marc Nishimura           Title: Characterizing a dual receptor system for plant-pathogen recognition
Callie Slaughter   Advisor: Chris Snow                     Title: Odor Encoder: Augmenting the nasal microbiome using synthetic biology

May 5
Kayl Ecton                Advisor: Zaid Abdo          Title: Exploring oral vaccination with L. acidophilus in neonate mice
Diane Lowe