Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB) is an interdisciplinary recruitment, admissions and degree – conferring graduate program comprising over 100 faculty members from 15 departments within 6 colleges at Colorado State University.  Active research programs focus on the molecular and cellular aspects of microbiomes, cancer biology, prions and neurobiology, plant molecular biology, infectious diseases, stem cells and development, synthetic biology, genome structure, evolution & repair, gene expression, and metabolism & physiology.

CMB offers a core of lecture courses in advanced molecular genetics and cell biology, laboratory research techniques, science communication and ethical conduct of science.  Students participate in a graduate seminar series in which students present their research, and a weekly seminar series for presentations by CSU faculty and nationally prominent scientists each year.  PhD students complete additional coursework in Grant Writing, Statistics and Critical Analysis of the Literature.  Elective courses in specialized areas are also available as part of the curriculum.

Our incoming students are supported by teaching assistantships for the first two semesters while they complete rotations to find a home lab.  In subsequent years, most students are supported by their advisor as Graduate Research Assistants, but some continue to teach, others have fellowships and/or training grant support.




Average Time to Degree

Our average time to degree compares well with national averages and our graduates are very successful in finding employment that uses their training.

The Program aims to create a welcoming and supportive community with events such as our Poster Symposium, networking and mentoring programs, a fall picnic, CMB Celebrates! and CMBSA-organized activities.

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Send an email or give us a call during normal business hours: (970) 491-0241

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