There are ~40 qCMB faculty preceptors, many of whom use approaches such as next generation sequencing, mass spectrometry, flow cytometry and microscopy, to generate large datasets that require computational expertise for analysis.   In addition, some faculty are engaged in modeling or characterizing biological phenomena using datasets generated by others.  Training provided through qCMB will prepare fellows to work on these projects.

Faculty primarily engaged in research at the bench

J.Lucas Argueso
Genome Instability

Susan Bailey
Telomere maintenance

Soham Chanda
Neural development & dysfunction.

Jennifer DeLuca
Chromosome segregation

Steven Dow

Karen Dobos
Microbiology, Immunology, & Pathology

Dawn L. Duval
Clinical Sciences

Brian Foy
Arboviruses & Mosquito Vectors

Mercedes Gonzalez-Juarrero
Host immunity to mycobacterial infection

Marcela Henao-Tamayo
Immunology of mycobacterial infection

Fred Hoerndli
Receptor delivery to synapses

Steven Markus
Motor based transport during mitosis

Kandi Mathiason
Pathogenesis & transmission of prions

Olve Peersen
RNA dependent RNA polymerases and viral replication complexes

Dan Regan
Cancer immunotherapy

Tom Santangelo
Mechanisms and regulation of archaeal transcription

Ron Tjalkens
Neuroinflammatory mechanisms in neurodegenerative disorders

Glenn Telling
Prion Disease

Jozsef Vigh
Visual signal processing in the retina

Carol Wilusz
Post – transcriptional control of gene expression in stem cells

Jeff Wilusz
Viral RNA metabolism

Tingting Yao
Regulation of gene expression through ubiquitin conjugation and deconjugation

Faculty with both bench and computational expertise

Cris Argueso
Plant Hormones in Plant Growth and Defense

Karen Dobos
Microbiology, Immunology, & Pathology

Greg Ebel
Mosquito interactions with arboviruses

Christopher Gentile

Shing Ho
Nucleic acid structure & function

Jess Metcalf

Tai Montgomery
Small RNAs in C. elegans

Erin Nishimura
Gene expression during development

Jean Peccoud
Synthetic biology

Rushika Perera
Viral pathogenesis & cellular metabolism

Eric Ross
Functional and pathogenic protein aggregation

Elizabeth Ryan
Dietary interventions for improved gut health & immunity

Dan Sloan
Genome evolution

Chris Snow
Protein structure & design

Tim Stasevich
Characterizing gene expression through live – cell imaging

Mark Stenglein
Virus discovery & characterization

Tiffany Weir

Kelly Wrighton

Faculty performing primarily computational research

Zaid Abdo

Brooke Anderson
R programming for research

Asa Ben-Hur
Computational prediction of RNA splicing and protein function

Michael Kirby
Mathematical modeling of infection

Michael Lyons
Mathematical modeling for development of tuberculosis therapeutics

Brian Munsky
Modeling complex biological phenomena