Electives* Effective Fall 2019

*Additional elective courses may be available, please contact the CMB Main Office to request the list:  GRAD_CellMoBio@Mail.ColoState.Edu

Ethics Electives Course List

Choose a minimum 1 – 3 credits
CM 666 / PHIL 666Science and Ethics3Spring
BC 601Responsible Conduct in Biochemistry 1Spring in Even Years
MIP 654Research Policies & Regulations 1Fall
GRAD 544Ethical Conduct of Research1Fall / Spring
NSCI 575Ethical Issues in Big Data Research1Fall
CM 601 Responsible Conduct of Research in CMB1Spring


Statistics Electives Course List

Choose a minimum 3 – 4 credits
STAR 511Design and Data Analysis for Researchers I4Fall / Spring / Summer
STAR 512Design and Data Analysis for Researchers II4Spring
STAT 540Data Analysis & Regression4Fall
ERHS 542Biostatistical Methods for Qualitative Data3Fall
ERHS 544 / STAT 544Biostatistical Methods for Quantitative Data3Spring
VS 562Applied Data Analysis3Spring
VS 733Advanced Veterinary Epidemiology4Spring


Topics Electives Course List

Choose a minimum 1 – 18 credits
CM 700Critical Analysis of the Literature1Fall / Spring
MIP 700Topics in Microbiology, Immunology & Pathology1Fall / Spring
BC 692Topics in Animal Development1Spring
HES 796Group Study1Fall / Spring
BMS 796A / NB 796CTopics in Neuroscience1Fall / Spring
BC 711Advanced Topics in Structural Biology1Fall / Spring
BC 763Advanced Molecular Genetics Topics1Fall / Spring
BSPM 502Topics in Plant Pathology1Fall
CBE 707Advanced Topics in Biochemical Engineering1Fall
CHEM 651Special Topics in ChemistryvariableFall / Spring
FSHN 650Recent Developments in Human Nutrition2Fall / Spring
SOCR 730Topics in Plant Breeding & Genetics1Fall
HORT 601Current Topics in Root & Rhizosphere Biology2Spring


Writing Electives Course List

Choose a minimum 1 – 3 credits
CM 640Creative Science Writing3Spring
CM 701IPlanning Research & Grant Proposals2Fall / Spring
MIP 666Writing Scientific Manuscripts3Fall
MIP 680Grant Writing1Spring
BC 701Grant Proposal Writing & Reviewing1Fall
BIOM 750 Grant Proposal Writing and Reviewing1Fall
NB 771Writing, Submitting, and Reviewing Grants1Fall
BSPM 530 / SOCR 530Scientific Writing2Spring
BZ 544Presenting Research in Biology2Fall
HES 700Professional Skills in Bioenergetics3Fall