qCMB fellows must complete the following coursework:

  • 2CR CM580A3 Intro to qCMB (offered Spring 2021)
  • 1CR Responsible Conduct of Research – ideally NSCI 575 / GRAD 575 Ethics of Big Data Research
  • 4CR coursework related to quantitative analysis (available courses listed below) in addition to the 3 – 4CR required for the PhD degree.

Preparatory Electives for Life Scientists

CourseTitleCredit Value
MATH 340Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations 4
DSCI 510Linux as a Computational Platform1
CBE 160MATLAB for Chemical and Biological Engineers1
BC 571Quantitative Biochemistry1
GSLL 3095Math Skills for Statistical Analysis0
GSLL 3096Comp. Skills for Statistical AnalysisVaried

Preparatory Electives for Quantitative Scientists (Math/Stat/Computer Science)

CM 505Nucleic Acids for Non-Life Scientists1
CM 506Protein Basics for NonBiologists1
BC 351Principles of Biochemistry4
BC 401Comprehensive Biochemistry I3
BC 403Comprehensive Biochemistry II3
BZ 310Cell Biology4
BZ 350Molecular and General Genetics4

Data Generation

ERHS 730Principles of Flow Cytometry & Cell Sorting2
MIP 565Next Generation Sequencing Platform/Libraries1
NSCI 677Microscopic Image Collection & Processing2
BC 665AAdvanced Topics in Cell Regulation: Microscopic Methods2


MIP 565Next Generation Sequencing Platform / Libraries1
DSCI 511Genomics Data Analysis in Python2
DSCI 512RNA-Sequencing Data Analysis1
MIP 545Microbial Metagenomics/Genomics Data Analysis2
HORT 579Mass Spectrometry Omics - Methods and Analysis3
CS 548Bioinformatics Algorithms4
CS 646Machine Learning in Bioinformatics4
NSCI 696EGroup Study: Analysis of High-Throughput Sequencing Data1

Math/Statistics/Computer Science

STAT 512Design and Data Analysis for Researchers II4
STAT 560Applied Multivariate Analysis3
STAA 566Data Visualization Methods1
ERHS 535R Programming for Research3
DSCI 473Introduction to Geometric Data Analysis2
DSCI 475Topological Data Analysis2
MATH 532Mathematical Modeling of Large Data Sets3
CS 510Image Computation4
BZ 577Computer Analysis in Population Genetics2
GRAD 510Fundamentals of High Performance Computing3
GRAD 511High Performance Computing and Visualization3