Courses Required for the Cancer Biology Specialization

CMB students may elect to specialize in Cancer Biology which leads to a Specialization noted on their transcript.  In addition to the CMB PhD requirements using the CAMB-PhD Sample Curriculum, at least five credits must be selected from courses below:

In addition, students specializing in Cancer Biology may satisfy the CM 792 seminar requirement by attending Clinical Oncology Seminar / Journal Club.

Any variation from the required courses must be approved by the Academic Committee and the student’s Graduate Advisory Committee. Requests for course substitutions or omissions must be submitted to the Academic Committee by the student in writing. Each graduate student must present a seminar of their work before graduating.

It is the responsibility of each graduate student to know and meet all requirements of the Graduate School. These are listed in the Colorado State University Graduate and Professional Bulletin, Handbook on Graduate Study, and Guidelines for Graduate Advising and Committee Service. The latter two publications will be sent to students during the first term they are registered.

A maximum of 30 credits at the master’s degree level may be accepted toward the Ph.D. A professional post baccalaureate degree in Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, or Pharmacy may be accepted for a maximum of 30 credits.
Required Courses:
BC 563Molecular Genetics4
BC 565Molecular Regulation of Cell Function4
CM 510Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology1
CM 792Cell and Molecular Biology Seminar4-10
CM 793Seminar4-10
GRAD 550STEM Communication1
MIP 611Advanced Microbiological Research Methods4
Select a minimum of five credits from the following:
ERHS 510/VS 510Cancer Biology3
ERHS 611Cancer Genetics2
ERHS 733Environmental Carcinogenesis3
VS 718Cancer Biology Clinical Practicum2
Independent Study and Dissertation (select a minimum of 6 credits from the following):
CM 795Independent Study 1-18
CM 799Dissertation1-18
Electives must contain at least one course from each section list:
Ethics Electives 1-3
Statistics Electives 3-4
Topics Electives2
Writing Electives 1-3
Master’s Degree Credit (a maximum of 30 credits may be accepted from a master’s degree)30
Program Total Credits:72