FA22 Applications will open on August 23, 2021
with a  priority review Due Date of December 1, 2021.
Only complete applications are eligible for review.

What are the minimum scores for the TOEFL, IELTS or PTE Academic Exams for English Language Proficiency?

  • For the most up to date information, please visit the Graduate School website under English Proficiency or the International Students English Proficiency Frequently Asked Questions pages.
  • Current minimums are:  TOEFL 550 (paper based), or 80 (internet based);  IELTS 6.5;  PTE 58.
  • English Proficiency scores cannot be waived by CMB.  If applicable, the Admissions Office will provide a waiver and mark it as such in your application requirements.  This is a manual process, please be patient while your transcripts are reviewed.

What are the funding opportunities for international students?

International students are eligible for teaching assistantships which cover the first year tuition and stipend. After that, they are supported by the Primary Investigator on a grant or by teaching assistantships.

What funding is available for international students applying to the MS in Cell & Molecular Biology?

Most MS students are admitted with support as a Graduate Research Assistant after identifying a faculty member willing to fund their stipend and tuition.  Exceptional MS students are very occasionally admitted as Graduate Teaching Assistants with stipend and tuition support.  The majority of our international students are supported through scholarships from their government or from organizations such as Fulbright or Schlumberger Foundation.

My BS or MS degree was taught in English.  Do I still need to pass an English Proficiency test?

Colorado State University Admissions has specific requirements that are described here: https://graduateschool.colostate.edu/admissions-resources/english-proficiency/


The CMB program does not have any influence over these requirements

Where can I find the cost of tuition?

Click this link to find the cost of tuition

CMB admitted students will have their tuition paid as part of their being hired:  GTA position, grants, scholarships