Faculty in this research area are interested in characterizing the language and other methods we use to communicate about science with diverse members of our society. Improving science communication methods and outcomes can promote interdisciplinary problem-solving of issues like emerging diseases.


Nicole Kelp
Assistant Professor, Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology
Analyzing best practices for communication of emerging issues and scientific uncertainty; developing tools to measure and assess science communication skills; improving education/training for both scientists and non-scientists to develop their science communication skills

Erika Szymanski
Assistant Professor, English (Microbiome Initiative Hire)
Investigating words as tools for making scientific knowledge, especially around how humans practice multispecies working relationships; social dimensions of emerging biotechnologies; science communication strategies for building relationships among scientists/science and others/other ways of knowing

Affiliate Faculty


GRAD 550 – STEM Communication
CM 644 – Creative Science Writing
CM 666 – Science and Ethics
CM 700 – Critical Analysis of Scientific Literature
Grant writing – CM 701 OR MIP 643
MIP 666 – writing scientific manuscripts

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CMB Students

Sere Williams Sere Williams (Santangelo Lab)
(PhD, 2019 Cohort)
qCMB T32 Fellow 2020 – 21
AAAS Mass Media Fellow 2020
GAUSSI Fellow 2018-2019