Stem cells and Development - Zebrafish Heart

Faculty in this research area are interested in understanding how to  make an organism or regenerate tissues. A variety of models are in use ranging from well – known genetically tractable organisms (C. elegans, zebrafish) to agriculturally important animals (sheep, horses, cows) and less obvious models like crabs and salamanders!  Induced pluripotent stem cells and other types of stem cell are also employed as therapeutics or to investigate pluripotency and differentiation in a petri dish.


Soham ChandaSoham Chanda
Assistant Professor (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)
Neuronal Development and Dysfunction

Santiago Di PietroSantiago Di Pietro
Associate Professor (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)
Fundamental aspects of membrane protein transport.

Steven DowSteven Dow
Professor (Microbiology, Immunology & Pathology and Clinical Sciences)
Mesenchymal stem cells for treatment of chronic drug resistant infections and for stimulation of wound and tissue healing, using experimental and naturally occurring animal models.

Nicole EhrhartNicole Ehrhart
Professor (Clinical Sciences)
Mesenchymal stem cells to stimulate healing following bone cancer surgery

David FrisbieDavid Frisbie
Professor (Clinical Sciences)
Stem cell therapies for musculoskeletal disease

Debbie GarrityDebbie Garrity
Professor (Biology)
Zebrafish heart development

Kim HokeKim Hoke
Associate Professor (Biology).  Neural, developmental, and genetic mechanisms of behavior.

Erin NishimuraErin Nishimura
Assistant Professor (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)
Gene regulation in early C. elegans development

Soham GhoshSoham Ghosh
Assistant Professor (Mechanical Engineering, School of Biomedical Engineering)
We are a group of scientist-engineers who enjoy spending our time asking and answering exciting questions on how cells and intracellular components coordinate with environmental cues to maintain and regenerate tissues, and to degenerate tissues with aging.

Tai MontgomeryTai Montgomery
Associate Professor (Biology)
RNA interference and fertility in C. elegans

Don MyklesDon Mykles
Professor (Biology)
Molting of the crab exoskeleton

Ashok Prasad

Professor (Chemical & Biological Engineering)

Mathematical and computational modeling of biological processes.

Joszef VighJozef Vigh
Associate Professor (Biomedical Sciences)
Signal processing in the retina.

Carol WiluszCarol Wilusz
Professor (Microbiology, Immunology & Pathology)
RNA metabolism in stem cells and neuromuscular disease

Affiliate Faculty

John Kisiday
Associate Professor (Clinical Sciences)
Mechanobiology of cartilage regeneration; cartilage tissue engineering.


BIOM 525 Cell & Tissue Engineering
BZ 570
Molecular Aspects of Plant Development
BZ 576 Genetics of Model Organisms (fall, even yrs)

Facilities & Resources

CMB Students

Julie SunJulie Sun (Telling Lab)

Paige Ostwald Paige Ostwald (Garrity Lab)
Vice President for Research Graduate Fellows Program, 2020-21 Cohort

Kailee Reed Kailee Reed (Montgomery Lab)
qCMB T32 Fellow 2019 – 20


Josh SvendsenJosh Svendsen (Montgomery Lab)

Neha AhujaNeha Ahuja (Garrity Lab)


Adam Heck Adam Heck (C. Wilusz Lab)
NSF – NRT GAUSSI Fellow 2015 – 16
NSF – GRFP Fellow 2016 – 19

Kristen Brown (PhD 2019, Montgomery Lab) – Data Science Fellow, Insight Data Science

Rasha Alnefaie (PhD 2018, Garrity Lab) – Lecturer, Albaha University

Aimee Jalkanen (PhD 2017, C. Wilusz Lab) – Clinical Research Manager, Merck

Annie Zhang Bargsten (PhD 2017, C. Wilusz Lab) – Scientific Support Specialist, Horizon Discovery