Multiple Microbiome Organisms

Several CMB Faculty are interested in characterizing and understanding microbial communities in healthy, sick, and even dead, humans and animals.  They are part of a larger group at CSU known as the Microbiome Network.  This research area relies heavily on next – generation sequencing and bioinformatics analysis.


Zaid AbdoZaid Abdo
Associate Professor (Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology)
Studies the nature, composition, and function of microbial communities using computational tools.

Stephen ColemanStephen Coleman
Assistant Professor (Animal Sciences)
Development and dynamics of the equine microbiome

Christopher GentileChristopher Gentile
Associate Professor (Food Science & Human Nutrition)
Metabolic and vascular dysfunction in obesity and Type II diabetes

Jess MetcalfJessica Metcalf
Associate Professor (Animal Sciences)
Interactions between microbes and vertebrates during life and after death.  Dynamics of microbial community change over time.

Ken ReardonKenneth Reardon
Professor  (Chemical Engineering)
Proteomics, systems biology, metabolic engineering, and enzyme-based biosensors.

Elizabeth RyanElizabeth Ryan
Associate Professor (Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences)
Interactions between diet and cancer. Toxicology, immunology, oncology and nutrition.

Stuart TobetStuart A. Tobet
Professor (Biomedical Sciences)
Interactions of neuro, immune, and microbial components of the mammalian intestine

Tiffany WeirTiffany Weir
Associate Professor (Food Science & Human Nutrition)
Role of microbes in ecosystems ranging from soils to processed food products to the human gut.

Kelly WrightonKelly Wrighton
Assistant Professor (Soil & Crop Sciences)
Microbial communities across ecosystems ranging from 2,500 meter deep fractured shales, rivers, and soils, to human guts.

Affiliate Faculty

Jan Leach
Professor (Agricultural Biology)
Plant interactions with microbial pathogens that result in resistance or disease


Microbiome related coursework can be found here.

Facilities & Resources

CMB Students

Victoria Nieciecki (Metcalf Lab)
(PhD, 2020 Cohort)

Kayl Ecton (Gentile Lab)
(PhD, 2019 Cohort)

Heather Deel Heather Deel (Metcalf Lab)
NIJ Fellow 2019 – 21
Vice President for Research Fellow 2019

Reed WoydaReed Woyda (Abdo Lab)
qCMB NIH T32 Fellowship
USDA – ORISE Fellow 2019 – 20

Ikaia Leleiwi (Wrighton Lab)
(PhD, 2019 Cohort)
qCMB T32 Fellow 2020-21


Nora Jean Nealon (PhD 2019, Ryan Lab) – DVM student at Colorado State University