Speakermailto:Thomas.Santangelo@colostate.edus for CM 792 are selected and approved by students participating in the class each semester.  If you would like to host, or meet with a speaker, please contact Tom Santangelo or Charlene Spencer.  Each seminar is preceded a week before by a discussion of published work by the speaker.

Fall 2021 – Seminar is held in Pathology 103 on Tuesdays at 10 AM

DateSpeakerTopicStudent Hosts
September 28Bart WilliamsAlissa Williams, Paige Ostwald, Sam Ogden, Sam Brill
October 5Rushika PereraSere Williams, Kristin Scott, Kailee Reed, Thomas Lee
October 19 Jingshi ShenJulie Sun, Klye Pfeiffer, Katy McIntyre, Camron Pearce
November 2 Mark NelsonNaly Torres, Reed Woyda, Callie Slaughter, Tyler Todd
December 7 Tanya AldereteVictoria Nieciecki, Zohaib Ali, Darcy Hunstiger, Daniel Kunk