Wilusz CCarol Wilusz


CMB Director



Graham Peers


CMB Associate Director


Charlene Spencer, Graduate Coordinator
Student Services Room 220

CMB Committees

CMB Graduate Program Standing Committee Membership 2018

The CMB Program relies on the efforts of Faculty and Students on five committees to support the program and determine its direction. The current members of each committee and their roles are described below.

Executive Committee


Carol Wilusz (MIP, CVMBS) –  Chair & Program Director
Graham Peers (BIO, CNS) – Associate Director
Tiffany Weir (FSHN, CHHS)
Claudia Wiese (ERHS, CVMBS)
Lucas Argueso (ERHS, CVMBS)

Roles & Responsibilities

Advises the Program Director regarding the broad policy and plans of the program.
Approves new members of the Program.
Approves curricular changes.

Academic Committee


Graham Peers (BIO, CNS) – Chair, Associate Director
Doug Thamm (CS, CVMBS)
Deb Roess (BMS, CVMBS)
Karyn Hamilton (HES, CHHS)
Hailey Conover (student)
Dayton Pierce (student)

Roles & Responsibilities

Oversees preparation and distribution of promotional material and websites describing the program
Formulates and reviews entrance requirements
Evaluates student performance in courses and progress towards the degree
Recommends policy and curricular changes to the Executive Committee

Admissions Committee


J. Lucas Argueso (ERHS, CVMBS) – Chair
Zaid Abdo (MIP, CVMBS)
Dawn Duval (CS, CVMBS)
Tai Montgomery (BIO, CNS)
Alissa Williams (student)
James Curlin (student)

Roles & Responsibilities

Evaluates applicants for graduate study
Participates in recruiting activities
Selects candidates for offers of admission and financial support

Research & Outreach Committee


Tiffany Weir (FSHN, CHHS) – Chair
Debbie Garrity (Biology, CNS)
Chris Gentile (FSHN, CHHS)
Jozsef Vigh (BMS, CVMBS)
Dawn Hajdu (student)
Platon Selemenakis (student)

Roles & Responsibilities

Plans and organizes the Annual CMB Poster Symposium
Publicizes the accomplishments and activities of CMB Program Members
Encourages and supports CMB student outreach

Seminar Committee


Claudia Wiese (ERHS, CVMBS) – Chair
Stephen Coleman (AS, CAS)
Fred Hoerndli (BMS, CVMBS)
Cris Argueso (BSPM, CAS)
Kaitlin Doucette (student)
Dayton Pierce (student)

Roles & Responsibilities

Identify and approve speakers for the seminar series
Work with program coordinator to schedule seminars within the budget
Actively participate in the seminar series
Grade and provide feedback on student reports on seminars