FA21 Application Deadline for priority review is December 1, 2020
Only complete applications are eligible for review.

Due to the Coronavirus and working remotely,
some responses my take longer than normal. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Application Frequently Asked Questions

Is there someone I can contact with Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB) program and admission questions?

PhD vs. Masters, What’s the difference?

What GPA and GRE are required for admission to the program?

  • The Colorado State University (CSU) Graduate School has a minimum 3.0 GPA requirement for Admission. However, students with slightly lower GPAs may be admitted if they have an otherwise strong application and  letters of program support.
  • Recently admitted students have had an average GPA of 3.5 out of 4.0 grading system.
  • GRE is NOT required but applicants may provide scores if they wish.

My GPA is not great. Should I still apply?

Our review process is holistic and we evaluate all aspects of the application, not just grades and submitted scores.  An application that is strong in other areas (extensive lab experience, glowing recommendations, or publications) will receive serious consideration.

What are the minimum scores for the TOEFL, IELTS or PTE Academic Exams for English Language Proficiency?

For the most up to date information, please visit the Graduate School website under English Proficiency.

Current minimums are:  TOEFL 550 (paper based), or 80 (internet based);  IELTS 6.5;  PTE 58.

When can I start working on my application?

  • Submit an online application any time from August 26 through December 1 for the following fall admission semester. (Due December 1, 2020 for Fall 2021 admission.)

When is the last day I can submit my application?

  • For full consideration, applications must be submitted and complete by December 1.

Can I apply for a Spring or Summer Admission?

  • The CMB Graduate Program courses are set up for fall semester admissions.

How do I know whether my application is complete?

  • Once an online application has been received and processed by the Admissions Office, a checklist will be available when you next open your application.
  • Red boxes on the checklist indicate items that are missing, or still require receipt of the Official copy by the Admissions Office.
  • View the status of your application at any time after submission / processing to ensure your application checklist is complete or check on updates.

Can I submit my own test scores, and how would I do this?

  • You may submit a ‘self – reported’ GPA during the application process.  However, official transcripts are still required for full consideration of an application.
  • GRE scores are not required, but if you choose to submit them they must be official.  Scores should be sent directly to CSU from the testing facility, using university code 4075.

What if I am still working on my degree and I need to submit a transcript for my current education?

  • Although you are allowed to self-submit a GPA, your application is not considered complete until an Official Transcript is received from your educational institution.  Before an offer of admission can be accepted, the Admissions Office will require an updated Official Transcript showing the date your degree was completed.

What are my chances for admission?

  • The CMB program has a very competitive applicant pool and receives about 115 timely, complete applications for admission each year. Of these, six to ten students are typically admitted.

What are you looking for in the Personal Statement?

  • Evidence that the applicant understands what a graduate degree will entail and that their career plans fit with the degree they plan to attain.
  • Hands – on lab experience and a passion for research.
  • Evidence for transferable skills such as time management, teamwork / collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, leadership, mentorship.
  • Success in research – which can be demonstrated by highlighting awards, scholarships, presentations and publications.
  • Ability to clearly describe a research project including background hypothesis, experimental design and outcome / impact.
  • Evidence that the candidate has thought deeply and carefully about our program and what we can offer them.
  • An idea of what the applicant will bring to our program and community.

What is the current stipend for CMB students?

  • Our stipend for incoming teaching assistants is set above the NIH recommended level for pre – doctoral students (current CMB stipend is $2,111 per month).  In addition, health insurance is covered (valued at over $3,000 for a year), along with full tuition.
  • All students admitted as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) for the first year are currently eligible for a $5,000 stipend supplement.  Other scholarships and supplements may also be available to outstanding students.

I submitted an information request via the Admissions / Grad School Inquiry process. When can I expect to receive a response?