Effective Fall 2019

BC 563Molecular Genetics4
BC 565Molecular Regulation of Cell Function4
CM 510Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology1
CM 595 Independent Study*Var[1-18]
CM 699Thesis*Var[1-18]
CM 792Cell and Molecular Biology Seminar**1
CM 793Seminar**1
GRAD 550STEM Communication1
MIP 611Advanced Microbiological Research Methods4
-Ethics Electives***Var[1-3]
-Other Electives****Var[1-4]
Program Total Credits-30
*Minimum 1 credit for each CM 595 and CM 699, with additional credits as needed to bring degree total to 30 credits, with approval of their graduate advisory committee.
**Student must take this course each year in spring or fall semester.
***At least 1 credit in Ethical Conduct of Science.
****At least 4 credits in regular graduate level courses, with approval of their graduate advisory committee.

A minimum of 30 credits are required to complete this program.