CMB students brought home 8 (13.5%!) of the 59 awards at GradShow2021, worth over $1,700! Our program comprises <1% of the graduate students at CSU so that has to be a highly statistically significant over-representation of CMB! Also worth noting that 62% of the 13 CMB students entering the competition were winners!

Congratulations!!  All of CMB are so proud of you!!

Great Minds in Research Honorable Mention ($100 each)

Zohaib Ali  – Gonzalez-Juarrero Lab, MIP

Sam Ogden – M. Nishimura Lab, Biology

Lexi Keene – Stenglein Lab, MIP


CSU Writes -Written Excellence ($500)

Paige Ostwald Garrity Lab, Biology


GSC New Graduate Student ($250)

Kyle Pfeiffer – Nalam Lab, AgBio


Undergraduate Choice ($125)

Valerie Lindstrom – Prenni Lab, HLA


Top Scholars for University Interdisciplinary Programs

2nd place ($300)

Casey Tyler Berezin – Vigh Lab, BMS

3rd place ($250)

Darcy Hunstiger – Peebles Lab, CBE


You can see all winners here: