Erin Lynch, MS 2019 – Geiss Lab, MIP

Erin Lynch graduated from the Cell and Molecular Biology program in 2019 with her Masters degree. In Brian Geiss’ lab Erin worked to understand the mechanistic details of flavivirus replication with research on the DXO decapping exonuclease as a restriction factor for RNA viruses. Erin was hired right out of the CMB program as a VWR Sales Associate.


Can you say a little bit about your current job/research?

I am the VWR Sales Associate for Denver, CO. My focus is on education and medical research so I mostly support academic labs at accounts such as CU Anschutz, School of Mines, University of Denver etc. My goal is to help researchers from all different fields find the best solution VWR can offer to move their science forward. I also get to learn about the newest and greatest scientific products as they first become available. One of my absolute favorite things about this position is helping new labs get started and watching them grow.


What attracted you to the CMB Program at CSU?

I was attracted to the CMB program because I was unsure of what path I wanted to take as a researcher. CMB allowed me to explore different fields of science and gain experience using a wide range of techniques.


How have you used the training you received through CMB?

Although I do not work on the bench anymore, I use my training every day. Because I speak with researchers regarding their work, it is important that I understand what tools or products are needed to help their experiments succeed.


Do you have any favorite memories from your time at CSU?

I have so many favorite memories of CSU but some of the best are when I worked in the Geiss Lab and really got to know my lab mates. During that time, I got to go to the American Society for Virology Conference which was my first big conference and the greatest learning experience. Another favorite memory is spending time with my cohort. Every poster symposium and recruitment weekend was a blast because I was surrounded by amazing friends within CMB.


What advice do you have for a new CMB graduate student?

My advice is to participate! Participate in clubs, outreach, poster sessions, etc. because the more you get involved, the more you will learn about the world outside of your lab and you’ll become closer to figuring out what comes next after CMB. I truly believe that because of my involvement in Peer Mentor Club, Graduate Women in Science, and symposiums held on campus, I was able to understand more about what I wanted once I graduated. In addition, involvement leads to forming relationships which may be the key to helping you land your dream job after graduation. I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times, but I can confirm that it is all about who you know!


What do you miss most about CSU and Fort Collins?

The thing I miss most about CSU is my mentors who helped me get where I am today. I also miss my cohort because it was a bit like having a second family.


Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?

Currently my goal is to become a Life Science Specialist for VWR. In this position, I would travel around to different states to work not only with academic labs, but also pharmacy, industry, and government. Of course plans change over time so we will just have to wait and see what happens!