FA21 Application Due Date for priority review is December 1, 2020.
Only complete applications are eligible for review.

The research and creativity of Colorado State University's graduate students is displayed and celebrated at the Graduate Student Showcase, November 12, 2019.


The Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Program comprises over 100 faculty and ~50 MS and PhD students housed in 15 Departments and 5 Colleges at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Our interests range from investigating telomere length in astronauts, to characterizing the microbiome of decaying corpses, to engineering plants for seawater desalination.

We aim to train outstanding researchers prepared for careers within and beyond academia.



CMB Faculty Spotlight

CMB Faculty - Charlene Van Buiten
CMB Faculty - Tom LaRocca

CMB Student Spotlight

CMB Student - Kailee Reed
CMB Student - Jared Luxton

CMB Alumni Spotlight

CMB Alumni - Hailey Sedam
CMB Alumni - Erin Lynch
CMB Alumni Gustavo Ontiveros
CMB Alumni - Gustavo Ontiveros